Bubble the Whale

Isabelle S.

Hi there, my name is Bubble. I’m a humpback whale. I live with my mom in the ocean. Mom and I are always moving, a lot of the time mom calls it “migrating”. Sometimes we see human boats and start to swim away. My mother says that the humans killed my grandpa for his blubber. I wish humans would stop, that might save us! Every day we swim more and more. Every once and awhile my mom calls my dad with a song. We also live in pods. My best friend Steven is in our pod. We usually play and jump if there is any free time that we are not swimming. Sometimes I just hope and wish humans would stop hunting and killing humpback whales. It is just unbearable. So many of my friends have died because of humans. Oh time to go eat… I’ll be back soon! 

Hi again, my pod just ate an entire school of fish. They were so good. Yum, yum! “Hey Steven, look at that trash!” I say. At first I was going to eat it. Another thing humans can do is stop littering. It is so confusing I keep thinking it is a jellyfish or something. I really do not get why humans want to do this stuff like litter and kill us for blubber. Also, I don’t get why they drive those floating things around. Why not just swim? Today we are going to do that thing mom calls it, “Um…Oh, migrating”. I asked her why we were migrating and she said because it is getting cold so we have to move somewhere warm. I can’t wait! What is so cool is the whole pod goes, even Steven and his mother. Also, it is fun because the humans there are nice. I wish it was like this everywhere. Maybe someday soon people will stop. 

It has been nice talking to you, but I believe now you know what to do to save my species and maybe others.

The end      Humpback Whales Pass Their Songs Across Oceans - The New York Times