What is Manga?

Haley F.

Manga is a Japanese term (pronounced mah-n-gah) used to broadly categorize books made with a certain art style. A common misconception is that manga is a genre of books, when really it is used to describe a type. There are thousands of manga series available that can have anywhere below 12 volumes to over 500!

When you first start off reading manga, you might be overwhelmed or confused. This is because unlike the comic books and graphicnovels you are used to, manga starts at the back of the book and is read from right to left. In case you pick up a manga and accidently begin at the wrong side of the book, there will normally be a page guiding you on how to properly continue. It takes some time getting used to, but it is a unique experience nonetheless.

Our school library has a section for manga, as well as comic books and graphic novels. The Wantagh Public Library does not have any in their collection, but you could always go to other libraries, such as Bellmore, North Bellmore, or Massapequa.

As you know, there are many series out there, but to start off I would recommend choosing something on the shorter side. Of course, before picking any of these up, I would check the age rating to make sure it is the right book for you. Some exceedingly popular series include My Hero Academia, A Silent Voice, Your Name, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Death Note, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Tokyo Ghoul.