Juliana M.

Art goes all the way back to the Paleolithic Age. Art has shaped the world and everything around us. Not only is art important to the world, it’s important to the way we live. Everything around us is considered art. The buildings, the furniture and everything else is art. Art brings beauty and color to the planet. The Earth without art is eh. Plain and boring.
Art has most definitely died down with the uprising of technology but many people are still into it, people like me. Art is important to me because I feel it as a way to express my feelings and emotions in an incredible way. With the different kinds of art comes different expressions. Abstract is a great way to express how you feel through colors and shapes. Realism shows who you are as a person and how precise you want things to be. Cartoons show that you are a laid back simple person.
Another reason that art is important is after a bad day it is a great way to calm your mind. You can sit down, relax and paint and all of your worries wash away. Same with any other kind of art. There are many arts. Some examples are drawing, painting, calligraphy, sculpting and origami. Any of these is a great way to destress and calm your mind. When you draw you can almost go to a new world. Like when you’re sketching a smile and find yourself smiling too. It’s like a stress free world.
Anything can be a masterpiece. If you splatter some paint onto a canvas it’s still considered a work of art which is why anybody could be an artist if they wanted to. It is another reason why art is so important to me. If you make the ugliest thing you have ever seen, other people could see it and think it’s the most beautiful thing that they have ever seen. It’s almost comforting to know other people can enjoy what you call garbage when it truly isn’t.
Ever since I was little art was my thing and it could be yours too! It’s great to do something with your hands and mind rather than just sitting there and mindlessly clicking at a video game controller or watching endless Netflix. So maybe you can be the next Van Gogh or Picasso just by simply sitting down and creating something.