Godzilla vs. Kong Review; Even Monsters Have Moral Values

Catherine R.

Monster movies: a genre of movies that we as minuscule human beings either love or hate. They’ve been made since the beginning of time, and back then good technology was considered large clay figures hanging off buildings. Now, that’s not criticism, as it’s classic, but nowadays computers can edit anything to make movies look out of this world. Sure, they can be a little tacky, but in my opinion, super cool as well. 

I went to the movie theaters for the first time in over a year last night to see the new movie Godzilla VS. Kong. The theaters were clean and serving popcorn and candy as they used to. It wasn’t totally busy, but there were a few other people in the theater with us. It felt good to do something I used to love doing again, it felt normal. We saw all these awesome trailers that gave me hope for the future of entertainment. The trailers are the best part of any movie-viewing experience in my humble opinion. I can’t wait for the new summer blockbuster movies. 

With the 10 second countdown we all know and love, you know the one where it goes through the elements, from hot to cold, the movie began. Now I haven’t seen any of the other Kong or Godzilla movies, I have only seen this one as of today, but I still was able to enjoy it and appreciate its history. However, because I enjoyed it, I do plan to watch the other movies in this film universe. It is rated PG-13, so it wasn’t too gory, and it was about 2 hours long. The film collided two powerful sides of the Monsterverse with a battle between the menacing Godzilla and the mighty King Kong. The movie wasn’t just a bunch of roars and urban destruction though, there was a storyline and strong characters. 

Sure, there were the bad guys with selfish motives who would do anything to save the downfall of their companies and reputations, but we know they always end up either losing or dead. Forget them, let’s talk about Madison, the strong female protagonist who had been following the history of Kong and Godzilla for months, does the thinking for both herself and her friend Josh, the confused side character that was drawn into the action by curiosity. On their team was Bernie Hayes, sarcastic, intelligent, and creative. He was eager to discover what the company that he worked for, Apex, was hiding about Godzilla. Bernie was the comic relief that legitimately risked everything to save the world, which is the best kind of character in my opinion. There was a little girl named Jia in the film as well, and she was smarter than most of the adults in the movie. She connected with Kong better than anyone ever had, and she always expressed her feelings when she felt any actions regarding Kong were wrong, which showed her intelligence. Jia also had a special connection with Dr. Ilene Andrews, who was more of a friend than a scientist in Kong’s case. She was heroic

ally brave and caring towards Jia and Kong. 

For the first 45 minutes, you think it’s just a matter of which monster will take down the other, until there is a magnificent plot twist that changes everything. Of course this was when I decided to take a bathroom break, but I was filled in. I will not spoil it for you, but the movie was a great example of how living beings from completely different universes and backgrounds can end up fighting for the same thing in the end. Even monsters have moral values. I personally enjoyed the scene when Kong finally reaches his true home. It was incredible. If you are a big fan of cinematic scenery, as I am, you will be satisfied with the nautical scenes regarding Godzilla and the rural scenes regarding Kong. 

I have heard a lot of people saying they didn’t know the movies were open, but they are. If you would feel comfortable going to a theater, or want to feel a sense of normalcy and nostalgia once again, I would recommend Godzilla vS. Kong as your first dip back in the cinematic pool. What’s better than a monster movie to get you started?