Meet Miss Quattrocchi

Emily .M


Wantagh is full of amazing staff and teachers. I wanted to interview this staff member specifically in her first year at Wantagh. This is the Assistant Principal, Ms. Quattrocchi. I asked her some questions and these are her answers…


Why did you decide to come to Wantagh? 


The first time I came for my first interview was when I met Mr. Ciuffo and a few staff members who were so nice. I wanted to join Wantagh when I met the staff.


When did you decide you wanted to be an assistant principal? 


When I was a classroom teacher, a lot of my fellow colleagues would ask for my help and advice, and this made me want to help more kids and more teachers than just the students in my classes. I was always a good leader and I wanted to put that into my career.


Do you have a favorite book?


I used to be a reading teacher, so this is a very tough question! I love reading middle grade novels. I used to read 10-15 books a summer! I read so many that it’s so hard to decide, but one of my favorite authors is Gordan Korman.


Who is your role model?


My role model is my mom. She has always been an amazing role model. I have also worked with a lot of great teachers and principals who were great mentors. They have helped me along the way!


Here at Wantagh Middle School, we are all so excited to welcome Mrs. Quattrocchi into the Wantagh Family!