Ms. Davis Interview Questions

Caroline F.

“If you are good, life is good,” states Matilda in “Matilda” by Roald Dahl. This year Wantagh Middle School’s Drama Club is performing “Matilda Jr.”, the musical. Director Dr.Davis praises the crew and cast when she tells how hard they worked and their perseverance through all challenges. She also tells how their mindset was always open-minded and optimistic to get the musical perfect, which was a great mindset to have when working for over five months. 

     The cast and crew have worked so hard to make the play happen and we are so excited to watch. In fact, Dr. Davis has a particular scene she is most excited to watch. The scene she states is her favorite is when Ms.Trunchbull gets a newt in her knickers. Throughout this scene and many others, she hopes to see the cast and crew enjoying themselves, and most of all, having fun. Actress Charlotte Heron who is playing the Acrobat in the play agrees with Dr. Davis when she states, “The cast would say they are having lots of fun, and that’s just what I think because quite honestly it is such a cool and exciting experience.” Ms.Heron also talks about the hard work and exhaustion of working on a play for so long, but she is excited to see the audience reaction on opening night. 

     Opening night falls on March 4, 2022. Get tickets before they run out!