Middle School Isn’t Scary!

Gavyn S.

When you were in elementary school, didn’t middle school seem so scary and far away? It’s really not. Middle school is similar to elementary, just with lots more teachers and new students to meet.
Everyone says, “Middle school has SO much work and tests!” but it really does not. If you think about it, in kindergarten you had more work than preschool, in first grade you had more work than kindergarten, in second grade you had more work than first grade. Middle school is the same way. Every year there is a little more work and a little bit of harder material. When you were in second grade, sure, middle school seemed like loads of work, but so did fourth and fifth grade. I promise you that once you get to fifth grade, middle school work is only one step above.
Another part of middle school that is different is lockers. Lockers are so much fun to decorate. Some kids do get nervous about not being able to get into their locker, but don’t worry! It is not as bad as it seems. It might take a little getting used to but once you know your code and go to your locker on a daily basis, it is super easy and it becomes a habit that you don’t even have to think about. The first few days, if you cannot open your locker, there are always teachers in the hallways to help you and all of the teachers understand that you may have some trouble with it.
Just like you learned your way around elementary school, you will learn your way around middle school! The middle school might seem bigger, but once you are actually in it and switching from class to class, it is not. You might need a little help finding your classes at the beginning, but by the second or third week of school, you will know where your classes are just like you know where your room is in your house! And again, teachers are always there to help you find your way around if you need it!
Now you have your own guidance counselor! If you ever need ANYTHING AT ALL they are always there to give some amazing advice and make you feel so much better! You can talk to your guidance counselor about anything from outside or inside of school. You never get in trouble at guidance and your guidance counselor will never judge you for anything you tell them. You can also see the school psychologist, Dr Zelenetz, about anything just like your guidance counselor, and she will be happy to help.
One of the things that I find the best about middle school is that you get to meet so many new kids from TWO other schools! This lets you make so many new friends that will last a lifetime! If you surround yourself with the right people, you will have such a great time with your new middle school friends!
The other thing that I love so much about middle school is all of the amazing clubs that you are able to join! Instead of doing activities outside of school, you can do all of that here! There are so many clubs that you can join from art club to student council! Once you get to seventh grade, you can join all of your favorite sports!
So don’t be scared of middle school because it really is a great place to be, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!