Farewell Article

Lorenzo H.

These past three years have been challenging for me, as well as everyone else experiencing middle school. I’m in so many different clubs and extracurriculars, and my greatest challenge wasn’t schoolwork, but the balance of everything. 

I started 6th grade in 2018 and there were so many little accomplishments and achievements like opening up a locker and going from class to class. I joined drama, Smoke Signals, video club, and many others. I was juggling so many clubs, and was going through my first year; and then the year ended. 

7th grade started normally for everyone, or at least for me, and we got to go from class to class a little more around the school. 7th grade was different from a normal seventh grade year, as we were the “lab rats” of the new blocking periods and teams. We were able to join sports and new clubs. Then quarantine hit, and we were not expecting what it would be. The teachers checked up on us every so often, giving us some work (which I’m pretty sure no one did) and we were stuck inside. It was kind of like a never ending summer….

Until September. 8th grade started and everything and every one was different. We now had a hybrid learning model- I’m not going to explain it because you all know how it works- and less class time. Most of us only saw a half of everyone at once, and switching between school and at home learning was hard, along with our new 8th grade challenges. Getting ready for regents, electives, and new classes just to name a few. 

I can’t believe how awesome this experience has been, and I can’t believe I’m in the homestretch of these three years. I hope you enjoy reading my other articles and I hope I made an impact on some students and teachers and my legacy lives on here. I mean, I’m still in the high school… so I’ll visit soon. I hope you enjoyed reading;


Signing off,

Lorenzo Hilliard