Should I Take an Honors Class?

Emma B.

This time of year, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are faced with the difficult decisions of choosing which classes to take. You may have the option to take an honors or advanced course. As someone who has taken honors classes, I can say that there are many pros and cons of taking these classes. 

If offered to you, honors classes are a great way to challenge yourself and broaden your horizons. You will learn many new things that most kids your age don’t know about, and the teachers are all kind and will help you with anything you do not understand. Once you get to high school, you also will be ahead of the rest of your peers and will be able to take more classes and even earn college credits. They are also beneficial because you learn study and note-taking habits that will be useful to you in high school and beyond. 

On the other hand, honors classes could be too difficult for some students, and they require a lot of time to be devoted to studying and homework, so if you have a busy schedule, you may not have the time to take honors courses. Some kids will choose sports or drama club over honors classes, but some are able to balance all of their activities. 

Another thing to note is that if you choose honors classes, make sure the wheel classes and electives you choose are engaging and fun. You want to have a period to relax and enjoy what you are doing, because your honors classes will be difficult and it’ll be nice to have a break during the day and something to look forward to. 

In conclusion, taking an honors class is a way of challenging yourself and learning new things, while also giving yourself opportunities in high school. But, some students may not be able to make the time commitment required to participate in the honors programs offered. Whether you choose to take honors or not, make sure as well to choose interesting wheels and electives so you can have some fun classes during the day. There are many pros and cons to taking honors classes, but in the end the decision is up to you, so choose wisely!