6th Grade with COVID

Mia S. and Nina M.

How do you like staying in the same room all day? Well… that’s a 6th grader’s life now. 6th grade was very different last year from how it is at the moment. You used to switch classes, get lockers, and not have to stay in the same room all day. But now it’s a lot different. You stay in the same classroom all day and NO LOCKERS! Even though you get different teachers, it’s not the same. It’s just like elementary school all over again!

There are pros and cons due to the circumstances. Let’s start with the cons. First, let’s start off with the fact that we aren’t allowed to move around only besides lunch and gym. Otherwise, we stay in the same boring room all day!

On a positive note, we are able to move around during gym, lunch, and mask breaks. Even sometimes we are allowed to work with partners if we stay 6 feet and wear our masks.

Another thing is that we don’t get to see what middle school is really like. It’s so weird seeing the whole building with plexiglass all over and everyone wearing masks. Now, our classroom is the cafetiera! We have no idea what it looked like without all of the desks.
Even though there are a lot of changes, it’s great that we even get to come in everyday and not be virtual. Hopefully we will be able to see what normal middle school looks like next year and we hope COVID ends so life can be good again.