The Changes In School

Charlotte H.

Are you nervous about Covid? Are you worried that you will get it from school? I interviewed Mr. Ciuffo and Dr. Scolieri and asked them about the changes in the school that have been put in place to keep us safe.

The seventh and eighth graders are divided into two cohorts, A and B, to keep kids socially distant. Normally a class has thirty students, but with the rules of keeping six feet apart, the school can’t have thirty students in a classroom. So we have a cohort A and B so less kids are in the building each day.

Do you think our school is clean? Mr. Ciuffo and Dr.Scolieri assured me that the school is safer and cleaner than ever before. The
custodians are working overtime to keep the school clean. There is also less of the normal sicknesses, like the flu and the stomach virus. The custodians are sanitizing the school every night and throughout the day. Thank you, custodians!

If you’re in sixth grade, you might be wondering what school was like before Covid. I talked to Mr.Ciuffo and Dr. Scolieri about this, and they gave me a few answers I saw coming and a few that I didn’t expect. Some of the answers I was expecting were that there were no masks, larger classes, no barriers on the desks; we would take field trips, change classes, and we would have large events. What I wasn’t expecting was there was not always a cohort A and B, we would change for P.E., and I forgot that we would also have gotten lockers.

Finally, what can students do to stay safe? Well, in order to stay safe, students should follow all of the school rules outside of school as well. Stay safe and healthy!