Eco Warriors Club

Emma B.

          Wantagh Middle School has a brand-new club, the Eco Warriors! This is a student-run club, run by Riley S. and Sadie M. in 7th grade. The Eco-Warriors meet on a monthly basis in room 419. This is a club focused around the idea that every tiny thing you do can make an impact, no matter how big or small, and the Eco-Warriors would like to make a positive impact. The initiative of this club is to make Wantagh Middle School a more environmentally-friendly place. Most recently, we held a bake sale to raise money for our next project, and thank you to all who bought snacks and supported the cause! The next project we are doing is going to help feed birds through the wintertime. We will be covering pinecones with sunbutter, a peanut butter alternative, and hanging them on trees outside Wantagh Middle School. Students in all grades and new members are welcome, so if you’re interested, please check the daily announcements for the December meeting of the Eco-Warriors! I was also able to conduct an interview with one of the founders of the club, Riley S. Below are her answers to questions involving the club. 


Q: What inspired you to found the Eco-Warriors?

A: We went to meet Jane Goodall, who inspired us. Ms. Goodall founded an organization called Roots and Shoots which helps the environment, and our club is an extension of that.


Q: What was it like to meet Jane Goodall, and do you think she is a good role model for the students at WMS?

A: I think she is a very good role model and it was very exciting to meet her. 


Q: Do you believe your club will leave a lasting impact on WMS and continue on even after you graduate, and why?

A: It will because we are trying to make a very positive impact on the environment and Wantagh Middle School. 


Q: What are your plans for the club’s future?

A: We don’t have any specific plans but we are hoping that we make a great impact on the environment with whatever we do.