Snow Days, Yes Or No?

Ava K.

Winter; the time of the year to binge new netflix shows, drink hot chocolate, bake tasty desserts, and watch the snow fall. As much as everyone enjoys the snow, is cancelling school loved or hated by the students? When you think of snow days, receiving the call from the superintendent, sleeping in, and enjoying your free time off of school commonly comes to mind. As many know, there is also a negative of a day off-losing your beautiful weather during Spring Break and Memorial Day weekend.

I conducted a survey to 21 students at Wantagh Middle school questioning them if they prefer snow days even with the drawbacks. The favored answer with thirteen votes was yes to snow days. After receiving an answer from these thirteen students, I questioned why they prefer having days off in the cold weather versus the warm. The most popular response was because of the enormous amounts of testing during the Winter.

Wantagh School District is yet to call a snow day. Do you want one?