Valentine’s Day Survey Results

Alec S.

The survey has been finished, and the results are in! We had 55 total responses, so let’s see what everyone thought!


Question 1: What Valentine’s Day gift would you want to be given?


Most people said they want chocolate, receiving 65.5 percent of the votes. Honestly, I don’t blame them. I love chocolate, especially Hershey’s Cookies and Cream. So, on to the next question!


Question 2: What Valentine’s Day gift would you give to your valentine?


Again, the most common answer was chocolate, receiving 58.2 percent of votes. I actually foresaw this. I mean, who doesn’t  like chocolate? Well, my sister doesn’t, but that’s getting off topic. Next question!


Question 3: What traits do you look for in a valentine?


I will decide on a bronze, silver, and gold for this category since the voters were able to choose more than one answer. First, the bronze goes to care, receiving 36 votes. I do agree that care is important. Next, the silver goes to respect, receiving 42 votes. Respect is very important. Last, but certainly not least, the gold goes to…drum roll please!…honesty! It received 46 votes! I very much agree with this. Honesty is very, very important. On to the final question!


Question 4: What color do you think fits love best?


So, colors for love on Valentine’s Day are red, white, and pink. But which color does everyone think “fits” best? Or what if people feel none of them “fit?” So, it turns out the winning color is red, receiving 56.4 percent of the votes. Personally, I think it depends on how strong the love is. To me, a small love, such as in a valentine, is white, a “like-love,” such as a boy or girlfriend, is pink, and a burning love is red.


So now, as I’m about to conclude, I want to thank all who participated in the survey. Thank you for making this month interesting. It was great to see everyone’s opinions on Valentine’s Day.