Incoming 6th Graders Part 3

Sofia H.

Hi. It’s Sofia again. If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2, READ IT!! People always say that it is hard. Once you are in middle school for literally a week, you will be ok and used to it. You also make a lot of new friends and you stay with our old friends from elementary school. You get chromebooks to keep until 8th grade. A lot of things are blocked. You use your chromebook about 4 times a day, but this depends on your classes and teachers.’

Let’s say your locker combo is 45-7-16. You turn the lock a few times to the right, then turn right to find 45. Then you turn left past 45 once and find 7. Then turn to right to 16 and don’t pass anything. Then pull up on the “lever” and out. The locker should open.

There is guidance, too. There are three guidance counselors. Ms. Gilley, Mr. Ward, and Mr. Bloom. A-F last names has Mr. Ward. G-M is Ms. Gilley (I have her). The last one is N-Z is Mr. Bloom. They are there for you whenever you need your counselor. You can go to them for anything. (I think they already visited the elementary schools). You can go if someone is bullying you or if you see someone bullying someone else, you can go if you are upset about anything (even if you are having difficulties at home), if you are happy about something like a good grade on a test, or really anything. They are all really nice.