Flexible Classrooms

Nora T.

Does a student’s learning environment affect his/her educational experience?  Mrs. Hult’s classroom and Mrs. Gatti/Hersch’s classroom have been transformed into wondrous spaces for learning.  Both rooms are spotted with height-adjustable tables that have wheels to move around the room and tiny fake cactuses on the tops for decoration.  Each table has four colorful rolling chairs that are also height adjustable. There are two couches and an additional reading nook, which is a bookcase whose back is a couch.  The rooms are inviting and inspiring, which makes them a great place to learn. For starters, the rooms are relaxing, which helps with test-induced stress. They’re also extremely comfortable, which is suitable for reading and writing.  It is much easier to get your thought out or stay concentrated on a book when a room is welcoming and cozy. The rooms make you look forward to going to class and makes learning more enjoyable. Hopefully, our school can convert more classrooms into flexible classrooms, the proper term for rooms like these two, to make students not wretch at the thought of going to class.