Inside the Principal’s Office

Ava K. and Nora T.

Recently, we’ve been curious about what it would be like to be principal.  While we couldn’t use a time machine to see ourselves as future principals, we could interview our very own principal to see just what it’s like to run a school.  So here you have it, folks: our exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime interview with Wantagh Middle School’s very own principal, Mrs. Matrochano.


We were wondering that if she were a teacher, what subject Mrs. Matrochano would teach.  After our interview, we found out that she was a social studies teacher before she became our principal in 2012.  We also learned that the first thing Mrs. Matrochano did when she became principal was get to know the kids. In our opinion, this is probably one of the most important things to do, because how can you be in charge of a group of people without even knowing them?


Mrs. Matrochano’s favorite subject as a child was English, which is funny because she ended up teaching Social Studies, not English.  Of course, this was amazing for us to hear, English being our favorite subject too. Outside of school, Mrs. Matrochano likes to shop and walk her dogs.  It’s crazy to even think about your principal doing something other than, well, principaling, but principals and teachers have lives, too.


Things have changed a lot since Mrs. Matrochano first became principal.  The most substantial change, as you can probably guess, is the new technology being introduced in our school.  The sixth graders started getting chromebooks two years ago, and now it seems impossible to imagine life without them.  When asked if she approved of incorporating technology into school life, our principal responded with a resounding yes, because it helps the students get a better view of the world, which, of course, is very true.  

Our final question for Mrs. Matrochano was what she liked most about being principal.  Her answer was the kids, which is an inspirational answer.


Well, there you have it; all your burning, maybe-too-personal questions about our principal answered.  For more questions, talk to Mrs. Matrochano.