The Hallways

Maylani L.

You’ve seen the hallways in the middle school, right? Well, of course you have. Can you agree with me that they are the most hectic places in the whole school? I certainly think so.

Everyone walks on the wrong side of the hallway, carries enormous backpacks, and walk backwards! BACKWARDS- for goodness sakes! Anyway, there needs to be more order in our hallways. Everyone needs to walk on your right side of the hallway! Also, many kids run in the hallways. That’s not safe! COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! You can get injured from running in the hallways. You could fall, hurt someone else at the same time and get in trouble with the vice principal and principal.  Please enjoy this segment of a real interview between one of my peers and me.

Interviewer: What wild things have you seen in these halls?

Interviewee: I’ve seen kids yelling at each other, I have seen kids gathering around each     other and just sitting there and staying there and talking. I’ve seen kids being so loud that I can’t even get past and I can’t even hear my own thoughts.

Interviewer: Why do kids behave like this?

Interviewee: Kids behave like this because they are silly and don’t think about what they are doing at times.

Interviewer: Do you think kids run around the halls because they are in a rush?

Interviewee: I think some do and some don’t. I run in the hallways when I’m late. I think other kids run around in the hallway because they are acting like hooligans.


If you disagree, look around the hallways. You’ll see.