Incoming 6th Graders Part 2

Sofia H.

f It’s Sofia again. This is part 2. The main class teachers on gold are: Ms. Pilo and Ms. Bruno(ELA), Mr. Vereline(science), Ms. Cornella(social studies), Ms. Gonias(math). The main teachers on black are Ms. Hersch and Ms. Gatti (ELA), Ms. Landau (math), Mr. Jackson(social studies), and Ms. Murphy (science). They are all really nice.

The other teachers are Ms. Longo and Ms. O’Connor and Mr. Sposito(all creative mind), Ms. (horizons), Mr. Liguori and Mr. Reh and Ms. Keener(gym), Mr. Sposito(tech), Ms. Karaiskos(art), Ms. O’connor and Ms. Stanulis(computers), Ms. Craven and Ms. Carr(home/c), Mr. Brinkman(band), Mr. Carlin(chorus), Ms. Miller(orchestra), Ms. Sellers(italian), Ms. Wadalavage(spanish), and I’m not sure about who the French teacher is.

There are 10 periods in the day. Period 1 is always advisory/homeroom. Period 2, 3, and 4 are main classes. Period 5 is gym, creative mind, a quarter class, and maybe horizons. Period 6 is ALWAYS lunch. Period 7 and 8 are main classes. Period 9 is a quarter class, gym, and horizons. Then period 10 is a language, creative mind, or gym.

The clubs are different from elementary school. Clubs in the middle school are after school, not before school. Also, band, chorus, and orchestra are part of your schedule it is a class. There are a bunch of clubs. Anyone can join. Especially Smoke Signals club. And there are different teachers who run the club. Smoke Signals is run by Ms. Karaiskos and Ms. Hersch. You can participate in as many clubs as you want; also, you do not have to go to all the meetings. You can go to some if another club you do overlaps it.