Incoming 6th Graders Part 1

Sofia H.

I am Sofia and right now, I am a 6th grader. Next year, I will be a 7th grader. I’m going to be telling you about 6th grade and how it works. In 6th grade, there are quarters and quarter classes. The classes are home and careers, tech, computers, and art. Everyone has different classes at different times. You might be with some of your friends.

There are four main classes. They are math, ELA, social studies, and science. There are two different teams for 6th grade. There are black and gold. I’m on gold. Gold is downstairs and black is upstairs. Your locker and main classes will be in the same hallway. The teachers on both teams are really nice. The rest of the classes are in the main big hallway either upstairs or downstairs. The other classes are gym, creative mind (if you are NOT in horizons), horizons (if you are NOT in creative mind), lunch, a language (which are italian, spanish, and french), and a instrument (band, orchestra, or chorus). Those teachers are also nice. Lunch is 6th period everyday. There are 3 gym teachers, 3 creative mind teachers, 2 home/c teachers, 1 tech teacher, 2 computer teachers, and 1 art teacher.