Spirit Week Winners

Madison S.

As many of you know, we had our first spirit week in the middle school. On Monday, it was Character Day. On Tuesday, it was Honor The Brave Day. On Wednesday, it was Read A Shirt Day. On Thursday, it was Throwback Thursday. On Friday, it was Wantagh Wear Day.

    I spoke to the winners of the contest, Mrs. Smith’s Advisory. I spoke to a few of the students, and they seem to love their advisory. Mrs. Smith gives out Jolly Ranchers to anyone who gets a vocabulary word definition correct. On Friday, October 19th, Mrs. Smith’s advisory will receive a bagel breakfast during the extended advisory.

     I have heard from a few of Mrs. Smith’s advisory students and they all seem very excited about receiving a bagel breakfast. “ I am excited to eat food. Eating food is the best prize.” said Hailey O, a sixth grader in Mrs. Smith’s advisory. In addition, sixth grader Samantha Magri said, “ It feels great to win.” I am sure that it may feel good, but that it will taste good too.

    Yet another sixth grader, Riley F. said, “It feels amazing to be victorious.” When I visited, Mrs. Smith made it very clear that her sixth graders were a huge help in the competition. Mrs. Smith said, “Everyone participated at one point. We had a student that was sick all week, but had his outfit picked out at home.” She also said, “The five new sixth graders did an excellent job dressing up.” An anonymous voice then said, “What about the seventh graders?” Clearly, everyone is okay with speaking up in Mrs. Smith’s advisory.

      Near the end of the interview, seventh grader Kyle I. added, “ We’re never going to lose, but rise to the top again.” Will that bold statement prove true, or will someone dethrone these champions? I guess we’ll just have to wait for next spirit week.

      To add to the tension, Mrs. Morgan really wants to win a spirit week or anything with a prize. “I want to win a food party.” she said to her advisory. So, will Mrs. Morgan and her advisory be crowned the new victors or will Mrs. Smith be victorious once again?