Club of the Week

Madison S.

There are many noteworthy clubs in our school, but I would like to give a shout out to the Upstanders Club.

The students and teachers in this club have been working very hard to make everyone in Wantagh Middle School feel happy and united as well as promoting being an upstander against bullies. Some of the many fun events the Upstanders have planned and put into action are “Mix It Up Lunch,” “High Five Friday,” and “The World We Want” bulletin board.

During Mix It Up Lunch, the members of this club volunteered to help decorate the cafeterias, and be a spokesperson, going around to tables and trying to get conversations started. This past year, the theme was all different types of music, which were the different tables. When students were entering the cafeterias for lunch, they would grab a slip of paper from a bag at the front of the room. The paper would say which table they would sit at. The hope was that sitting with other students they were unfamiliar with would help them become friends, or get to know each other better. So, to everyone who helped out at Mix It Up Lunch, thank you.

   You may not know what High Five Friday is so, I will tell you. High Five Friday is a day when this club with the aid of a few others, lines up at the entrances to the building and form a tunnel into the building. When students walk into the building, either from the buses or from getting dropped off or walking, they are ambushed by smiling faces, and getting ambushed with friendly high fives. Sometimes, a few teachers will help too, so you have been warned.

The goal of this club is to make a friendly environment at school, but they also work to be a no place for hate school. Last year, they succeeded!!! Here’s a photo…. The teachers who run the Upstanders  club are Mrs. Holt, and Mrs. Piciullo. See them for more information.