Bringing vs. Buying Lunch

Nora T.

At school, students have two options when it comes to eating lunch: to bring or buy.  Personally, I bring my lunch every day, but a good portion of students buy their lunch in the cafeteria.

Benefits of Bringing Lunch:

    1. It’s healthier!  We don’t always know everything that’s in the school-made lunches, but when you make your own lunch at home, you can keep an eye on all the ingredients that you will be putting in your body.
    2. You have more time to eat.  Waiting on line with a bunch of other kids wastes valuable time that could be spent eating.  You have much more time to eat when you bring lunch. For the students who take Earth Science, you already have limited time to eat, and waiting on the long lunch time gives you hardly any time to wolf down your food.


  • It’s actually better for the environment!  Because of the styrofoam trays that schools give the students who buy lunch, it’s better for the Earth because the trays are terrible for the environment.


Benefits of Buying Lunch:


  • It touches all the food groups.  Public schools provide lunches that have one item in each food group, so you are getting all of the nutrients you need.
  • Less worry.  If you are buying lunch, you don’t have to worry about making and packing your lunch in the morning, so you can sleep later.


Both bringing and buying lunches are good options, and it’s up to you to pick which to do.