All About Memphis the Dog!

Kyle F.

I walk my dog a lot. My dad and I walk my dog mainly at night, and if we have nothing to do, we go to the Wantagh Park dog park so she can socialize with other dogs. My dad also trained my dog to walk without a leash, so she listens very well. My dog Memphis is 10 years old but she runs like the wind. She is very hard to keep up with while she’s running, but dogs at the dog park seem to keep up. My family and I have only have had her for one year, but it feels like forever.

We also took my dog on her first vacation, to Maine! She had a lot of fun hanging out by the lake house. When she was off the leash, she wandered around, and when we called her, she would just come running towards us. Once in a while she would go in the lake, but she would not go in up to her stomach. Also, at home she would stay as far away as getting wet as she could (she did not like water.) We also had woods both sides of the cabin, so she was hanging out in there for a while and she would come running out. At night around the campfire, she would lie down close by but we could not see her in the dark.

The family that invited us shared the house with their other family members who also had a dog, and there was a stick that was in the lake that their dog would play with. Memphis smelled the other dog on the stick, and

then she kept playing with it; when we would throw it in the lake, she would go chase after it and pull it out of the lake. When we were in the lake, Memphis would stand on the edge of the dock. Memphis always wanted to play in Maine; she loved it!


Memphis also goes to the dog park a lot. She is friends with all kinds of other dogs, but of course, not all dogs like her. When she doesn’t like a dog, she barks, then stays away. People bring in toys to the dog park which is good because if your dog is obsessed with a toy, it can play with it. Some people at the dog park are friends, and if you go there on a regular basis, you become a friend.