Winter Sports Starting Soon!

Nora T.

Unfortunately, the fall sports season is coming to an end.  During the fall, the sports offered are girls’ and boys’ soccer, football, cross country, dance team, and cheer.  Tryouts for winter sports start Monday, November 5th. The sports that you can play during the Winter I Season are girls’ volleyball, boys’ basketball, and cheer.  

Make sure that if you want to try out for a school sport, you hand in all the necessary health forms.  You can find what forms you need on the school’s website. The school nurse is also giving physicals after school for students who still need one.  

All seventh and eighth grade sports count as one activity for Honor Society in 8th grade.  You need two activities each from 7th and 8th grade. Sports count as one of those activities, along with clubs.

 All in all, make sure you are ready for the Winter I Season!