Spirit Week!

Lorenzo H. and Maylani L.

Say it loud! Say it proud! Gooooooo Warriors!

A few weeks ago was our school’s first spirit week among many. The fall spirit week lead up to our pep rally, which is the official start of the fall sport season. Throughout the year, we have about 3 or 4 spirit weeks.  Spirit week is to kick up our pep rally spirit by competing in an advisory challenge to see who has the most spirit. This past week we had character day, honor the brave, read my shirt day, Throwback Thursday and Wantagh Wear.

On character day, we had an array of costumes: like Harry Potter, various superheroes and more! Unfortunately, honor the brave day and read my shirt day fell on picture day, so our spirit was pretty low. But we could still see a few kids’ shining school spirit. On honor the brave day, most of us wore red, white, blue and camouflage. Some also wore US Army, Air Force, Marines and other armed force shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes. On Wednesday it was Read My Shirt Day. Many people wore funny quotes and sayings. Some teachers wore learning quotes. It was very fun reading the people’s shirts. Throwback Thursday was on Thursday (for obvious reasons). People wore clothes from different times like 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. The 60s and 80s were most popular. Friday was Wantagh wear and our pep rally so most of us wore black, gold and some people wore their jerseys. It was exciting to cheer on the sports teams for the fall season! Goooooooooo Warriors!