The Genre of Our Lives

Nora T.

If everyone in our school’s lives were in one big movie, what genre do you think the movie would be?  

I conducted a survey and asked 50 students this question.  I think that it’s an interesting question because you can get so many different answers based on a specific person’s perspective.  Is everything in our lives so crazy and dramatic that it’d be a drama? Are we constantly laughing at the stupid things we do, making our lives a comedy?  Are we doing so many things at once and going on so many adventures that it’s a thriller?

But the unique thing about the question is that it isn’t asking what our single lives are like, but it’s asking about the entire student body as a whole.  And I think that when we think of all of our friends, enemies, and acquaintances as a whole, that can change the answer to this question.  Because the question is asking what genre we think this imaginary movie would be, not what we would want it to be.

The most popular answer was drama, with 23 votes.  A survey participant said that they picked this because people are full of drama and everybody keeps secrets.

The next most popular answer was comedy, with 10 votes.  Someone that I asked claimed that they answered this way because everyone tells jokes and is carefree.

 The other options were horror with 9 votes, documentary with 2 votes, adventure with 1 vote, coming-of-age with 1 vote, and thriller with 4 votes.  An anonymous participant said that they chose coming-of-age because we are all kids who are growing up and going through things.

What genre do you think our lives would be?