Cell Phone Addicts

Maylani L.

Question: Are you on your phone until 11 o’clock at night?


If so, you might be a phone addict. Well, lucky for you, you aren’t alone. 8 out of 10 sites say that 72% of teens and tweens can’t even spend a day without their cell phones. Can you believe that? 72%, that’s a very big number!


In a recent survey of teenagers and tweens, 74% felt pressured to answer their phones immediately. 24% of tweens and teens were online almost constantly! About 85% of people ages 10-18 have social media! That’s a lot of kids!

I think a lot of people are on their phones so much because of the pressure. Many people might think that if they don’t answer their phones immediately, their friends might think they’re purposefully ignoring them because almost everyone is addicted to their phones. Also, in group chats, which are so common these days, there can be about 20 people in one group chat! That’s a very big conversation; think of all the messages you wouldn’t want to miss.


So limit yourself and don’t be one of those teens who are addicted to their phones. Be social! Talk to your friends in person!



** Some information from https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/17/well/family/is-your-child-a-phone-addict.html