Monthly Kindness Awards

Ellie V. and Maylani L.

Helping others or complimenting them is a simple act of kindness we can do for everone else.

You know those stars kids get every month for acts of kindness? Well, there are some kids who have not been recognized for other good deeds such as helping someone open their locker or making friends with someone who is completely new to Wantagh. These are all amazing deeds people have done and there are so many more.  We hope that these good deeds can be recognized and given a star because kindness is kindness, no matter how big or small.

We believe that instead of a star, kids should just walk away with a smile on their face and a good feeling about themselves and their kindness. We don’t think it is fair that some kids who are seen doing acts of kindness get stars, while others, who also do good deeds in school, don’t.

You don’t get rewards for doing your homework, so why should being kind be different? It’s something you should do.

There are other kids in the school who do good deeds; our friend befriended a girl who was completely new to Wantagh. But, did she get a star? No. Because no teachers saw her do this act of kindness. (This was not the teachers fault because they had no clue that this girl was new to Wantagh)

Kindness is Key!