Chromebooks at School

Olivia B.

As you all know WMS recently got the addition of chromebooks. Of course, this was very exciting for the incoming sixth graders. My personal opinion would actually be to not have the chromebooks. The chromebooks are sometimes distracting.  For example, it is hard to pay attention when noises are coming from someone’s chromeboo

Google introduced Chromebooks back in 2011. Majority of schools, including ours, use Chromebooks.

k because they are playing a game. Although the chromebooks can disturb the class,  they are helpful for studying and have great sites for learning. I can definitely see why the students love the chromebooks. They can eliminate grading for teachers by having the students take online tests.  One complaint I have about the chromebooks is that the school sometimes  blocks educational websites. For example, they have blocked games from:

I cannot do anything about the chromebooks because they are the school’s decision, but I hope you understand my article. Thank you for reading!