Gums In Schools…Yes or No?

Amanda C. and Maylani L.

Some people love chewing gum. Some chew obnoxiously loud, insanely annoyingly or like a cow. Some people have different takes on gum in school. What do you think?

Based on a survey we took of 25 middle school kids. 21 voted for yes,

gum in school, and 4 voted for no gum in schools.

Some popular gum brands include, Extra, Orbit, Trident, Dubble Bubble, Wrigley’s, Eclipse, Bubble Yum, and Hubba Bubba. (There are many more)

We also did a survey with 18 teachers in our school. 4 said yes for gum and 7 said no for gum because they see kids blowing bubbles and chewing loudly. But, many teachers said that gum is ok just as long as they do not see it, bubble blowing, loud chewing, etc.

Overall, gum in our school can be chewed, but not seen. It’s a go for gum.! ( Again, just as long as you don’t blow bubbles or chew loudly.)