Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Charles, Reporter

Fidget spinners are enjoyed by all kids from our school along with others. However, some schools are beginning to ban these addicting spinners. Experts argue that fidget spinners help kids concentrate. Fidget therapy can lower anxiety, improve concentration, and encourage learning. It even helps kids with ADHD and autism by making them concentrate better. So, why are fidget spinners being banned?

   A principal at Washington Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois sent a letter home to all the parents overnight regarding of the fidget spinners and explained that the school was going to ban fidget spinners. The reason? It was called a distraction or worse since they have caused problems with students.

   Along with the fidget spinner issue at Washington Elementary, the principal also tells the benefits of fidget spinners, but says kids are treating them like toys. Even parents are taking notice since they do not want kids getting into trouble (I should know too, I had to beg my parents to bring my fidget spinner to school).

   I still enjoy fidget spinners and so do many kids, but we know that we have to know what’s the good use of them. Fidget spinners are supposed to help us focus but we are making them do the exact opposite.