Trivia Day Black Vs. Gold

Sofia H. and Shareef M.

On one of our half days, the 6th grade played a trivia game. It was Black vs. Gold. We must thank Dr. Ferris for sponsoring and helping us run this very fun event. Students answered questions about different subjects. There was social studies, science, math, ELA, Name That Tune, and Pop Culture. I (Sofia) did Name That Tune, and I Sharoof aka Shareef did science.

Close to the end, the teachers picked some students to do a contest.The contest was to see who can hold a plank the longest. The last two people left were Abby and Brianna. Brianna won. That is one of the reasons why the Black team won. At the end, Black won by 13 points. Overall, it was a really fun morning. We hope future sixth graders will do this, and we hope, the class of 2025 can do do something like this again soon!