Life as a 6th Grader

Lorenzo H.

Middle school. Life as a 6th grader is SO different. Even though school is nice, friends are nice, and every teacher is nice, it’s just HARD. DOWN RIGHT, STRAIGHT OUT, DEAD HONEST, SUPER HARD. But you get used to it. I hope.
As a 6th grader, school is VERY different from elementary school. Changing classes, more homework, and different teachers, unlike the one main teacher in elementary school. But what I have for you is some tips, advice, and some observations that I will give to you, as a 6th grader, myself.

  • Use time wisely.
    If you are on 3 sports teams, part of 6 clubs and have a lot of homework, have all of them be just as important as the others. You don’t want to complete all of your homework in baseball, and you don’t want to stay late for a club and miss dance and not do your homework. Also, be careful with time.
  • Do all of your homework. Who wants a bad grade? Anyone? If you’re NOT one of these people, make sure to stay on track and not fool around (especially not on your chromebook). Make sure to try to study, do HW and try to get week long assignments done.

  • Don’t be a bully. If you’re being bullied, make sure to tell a trusted adult and/or teacher. You can also go to Sprigeo to report someone. And bullies, STOP. Why does this make you feel good? But for either the bully or the bullied person, you can talk to your guidance counselor.
  • Don’t be afraid to make new friends.
    If you want to make new friends, don’t hold back. If you say your kind, funny and smart, whoever wants to be your friend is your real friend.
  • Turn the phone OFF.
    If you want to stay on track for schoolwork and studying, turn your phone off. If you like to keep it on, then put it on airplane mode. Also DON’T bring it around in school. It will not help you in ANY way and you will just get in trouble. But when you DO need it, that time is OUTSIDE of school.

Thank you for reading! Make sure to come back for more articles! (This was my 1st article!)