Nicolette P., Reporter

Hello! My name is Nicolette (Nikk) P.
I'm a 6th grader on the gold team this year.
Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, ( I enjoy making mini stories and or comics if I have motivation -w-) , Listening to music ( I have over 120+ random spotify playlists saved), drawing, Watching anime, and more :D . One of my dreams is to go to Tokyo, Japan, and I like Mochi, Kit Kat, and cotton candy :3 .
And fun fact: I can do a few voice impressions, and if you ask me what my favorite (anything) is, my mind will go blank so expect an answer in 10 - 20 Years.
And finally, I have a twin sister who I love oh-so-very-much (SHOUTOUT TO SKY).

Thanks for coming to my Ted-Talk ^^

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Nicolette P.