Life as a Twin

Life as a twin. From BOTH perspectives.

Lorenzo H. and Sofia H.

Life as a twin. From BOTH perspectives.


Lorenzo’s perspective:

It is AWESOME being a twin. You always have someone to talk to, play with and someone to write an article with(look out for them)! It’s also really fun saying to someone, “…yeah I’m a twin!” There are

downsides though. Sometimes it gets annoying (like any other sibling). Sometimes they are stubborn.



            Sofia’s perspective:

        Being a twin is good and bad. It’s good because when you have no one to play with or if you want someone to talk to who is your age, you can count on your twin. Also, if you need help with homework your twin has the same homework as you, they can help you. You can sometimes relate to them sometimes when you have a problem. It’s bad because sometimes it’s annoying when they distract you from your homework or reading.