Hello! Do you want a pet bunny? Do you want one really bad? Do your parents say no? If “yes” to all of these questions then read this article and show it to your parents. I am going to tell you why having a bunny is a great pet! 

To start, bunnies are so soft and super easy to take care of. If you are worried about fur and scratches all over your couch, worry no more because bunnies like to stay in cages. You could even keep it outdoors. 

Some benefits of having a bunny are you don’t have to walk it, they are small, and you only need to feed it breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

One thing that you MUST know when having a bunny is that you MUST keep it in a place that is dark such as the basement. If you don’t, the bunny could experience eye problems and heat stroke. This isn’t good. Another thing you MUST know is that it needs attention. The bunny could last without feeling lonely for only twenty four hours. If you leave it alone for over twenty four hours it could experience depression, loneliness, and get anxious. 

If you are a parent reading this article and your child wants a pet bunny, I hope this convinces you!