Adopt Today!

Isabelle S.

undefined        Have you ever desired to get a pet? Well, you should acquire a pet from a shelter rather than a pet store. This is true because it is a way to cancel out puppy mills, it will cost you less, and you save animals from being executed in shelters. 


To start, adopting from a shelter is a way to diminish puppy mills. In the article Adopt don’t Shop by Sally Jones she says, ”90% of puppies you buy at pet stores or online are from puppy mills”. In most puppy mills, 3-4 dogs are kept in tiny cages. When fewer people purchase from pet stores or online, puppy mills will have a hard time operating. Another thing is that in almost every puppy mill, the workers put profit before the welfare of the animals. When an animal can’t be sold they are either abandoned, simply discarded, or even done away with! Puppy mills keep their animals in poor conditions, rarely give medical care, and many of the the animals have behavior problems.


Another reason is, the price is less. From an article by The Street it is declared that,”Animal Shelter adoption costs $100 to $400 a Pet Store will likely cost you $1,000 to $5,000.” Also, when you get a puppy at a pet store it will need a lot of training, plus the chewing on your things and accidents on carpets or floor. Most of the animals at shelters have lived with families before, so they are likely potty trained and used to living with a family. Sometimes when adopting from a shelter, the cost of first vaccination, microchipping, deworming, and spay/neuter are included in adoption costs. Some shelters may send you home with treats, a leash, a collar, a bed, and toys. By adopting from a shelter, you can save a ton of money.


Lastly, you save animals from being put to sleep. Out of the 6.5 million animals that enter shelters every year, about 3-4 million of them are euthanized. When you adopt from a shelter you can be certain you are making room for more animals that need it. In an article by Pawsome advice it is stated,”Only 40% of shelters in the US are No-Kill shelters.” Many say that they don’t want to adopt from a shelter because they don’t know where the animals come from, but at a pet store do you really know where the animals there came from?


In conclusion, you can identify that there are benefits to adopting from a shelter, not a pet store. Not only is adopting a way to fight puppy mills, you will save the existence of an animal, it is also less money. Make the right choice, adopt today!!    30 Dog Breeds That Have the Cutest Puppies | Daily Paws