Pros and Cons About Alaska

Julia C.

Have you ever been to Alaska or are you thinking about going? Here are some pros and cons about visiting.

A few of the pros about going to Alaska are you can experience a different culture, it’s very scenic, and there’s a lot of wildlife. Some of the cons are that it snows often and is cold all year round, and it’s hard to travel in Alaska.

Some of the scenic things to see in Alaska are the beautiful glaciers, Orca whales, and soaring bald eagles. These are all beautiful and once in a lifetime things to see. There are many different types of wildlife to see such as exotic plants and animals. You can take nature walks and experience nature there. 15 percent of people in Alaska are natives and do things such as whaling, hunting and fishing and traditional arts and crafts.

Though there are many good things about visiting Alaska, there can be many cons as well. For example, it has a very cold climate. In the north, Alaska has an arctic climate and extremely cold winter with snow possible year round. Alaska is constantly snowing so it gets an average of 74 inches of snow every year. It can be difficult to get around Alaska when you visit but some good options might include a rental car or walking.

In conclusion, Alaska can be a great place to visit but can come with some difficulties. I hope that the provided evidence can help you make a better decision about visiting Alaska.