Hey! Where’s My Charger?

Jane B.

Did you know that if you buy future Samsung phones, you might not get a charger? No, it is not because it was not in there to begin with, but Samsung has said that new phones might not have chargers inside the box. They want you to reuse the older ones that you already have! This is a very

How to Prevent a Frayed Phone Charger | Real Simple

substantial choice, and I agree with it. Who needs five thousand cords that are just going to get tangled anyway?
The new phones will come with no charger, but if you need one, don’t worry; you can still buy them at places like Staples, Walmart, Target, and much more! This is a very important decision, it might even affect the many, many phones that are yet to come! Who knows, maybe soon no phones will come with a charger in the box!