A Safe, Great Christmas for All!

Emily C.

The holiday season is coming!! We need to get ready while staying safe! Here are some tips and tricks for a safe but great Christmas…

-First… If you get a real tree, when you first get it, water it with SPRITE. I do this with my dad every year. We set it up, water it with Sprite, then in the coming days and weeks we use water and every few days some sprite. The Sprite helps it stay green and healthy.

-Need a good stocking stuffer? Get the person some fluffy socks! You can use them to trick someone. Put things in the bottom of the stocking or in the socks so at a glance they think they only got socks. And they are super comfy!! 😀

-Decorating your tree but don’t have enough lights? Put them back and forth on the front of the tree, and every once in a while loop it around the back so it is secure, but you have enough!

-Want to have a Christmas party but are scared of Covid??? Don’t worry! You have multiple options!
1. You can do it over Zoom. Though this wouldn’t be the ideal Christmas, you’d be safe, along with everyone else.
2. Have a small party and be spaced out. Wear masks if you want.

-Don’t want to spend too much on presents this Christmas? Do a Secret Santa with family or close friends so you only need to buy one or two gifts. Or you could make a budget for each person.

-Last one! For safety purposes….. DO NOT stand in the fireplace while Santa is coming down the chimney. The amount of cookies that guy eats will make it hurt if he lands on you. Ouch!

I hope these tips and tricks will help you have a safe but great Christmas this year!!