The Madden Curse

Gabriel A.

Have you ever heard of the Madden curse? Well if you have or not, I’m going to inform you on every detail about it.

First what you need to know is what Madden is. Madden is a video game on platforms PS4 , Xbox , and PC . The first version was released in 1988 . It’s a game based off of the NFL , and it’s  most popular mode is MUT or My Ultimate Team . Every year they put a player on the front cover, and almost every year the player on the cover gets injured , runs into legal problems , or some other crazy stuff. 

There have been 20 players in total that have been on the Madden cover.

However, I’m going to only name the top 5 players in my opinion. 


  1. OBJ , OBJ or Odell Beckam Jr was on the cover and even though he was a great player and didn’t get injured, he would always get into fights with his team the Giants and be late to practice.


  1. Troy Polomaulou: In 2010 two players were on the cover, Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald.  Larry Fitz had a carrier normal with over 1000 receiving yards and he was a pro bowler, but Troy missed a career high 11 games do to an injury.


  1. Tom Brady: Tom Brady was on the cover, and even though he didn’t get injured, everyone believes that when he lost the Super Bowl to end his streak , was his version of the curse


  1. Megatron , Calvin Johnson , or Megatron was on the cover in 2013 he is also one of the only players to escape the curse he had over 2000 receiving yards. 


  1. Antonio Brown , 2019 In this year Antonio Brown was on the cover but him and his QB for the Steelers Big Ben had been into fights about Big Ben not passing to number 84 enough so it became too much for AB and he started not showing up for practice. The Steelers already had a good WR to Juju-Smith Schuster so the Steelers let AB go.Then AB went to the Raiders played one game and them poof AB out of nowhere AB was charged with sexual assault allegations and the NFL would not let him wear his old helmet brand so he got mad alomost punched John Gruden in the face started spweing threats and hate on twitter. Obviously the let AB go again and he chose to go to the Patriots he played one game and then the Patriots let AB go for the 3rd time and as of now October, ,23 , 2019, AB still is not on a team