Library Axolotl

Brady W.

Recently, the library has gotten a class pet.  However, this is not your average hamster or turtle.  It is an Axolotl! What are Axolotls? Axolotls (Ambystoma Mexicanum) are amphibious creatures from Mexico.  They are not very big, only about the size of a teacup! They mainly eat water bugs. They start their life span as a tadpole, and do not have gills and the end of their life.  Axolotls are very rare to see, as they only live in a certain spot of Mexico. Axolotls have fuzzy tentacles on the sides of their heads. They have webbed feet to propel themselves forward through water.  In the library, we have our own axolotl. His name is being voted on by the students. The axolotl lives on Mrs. Weber’s desk in a fishtank, and “freezes” whenever students say hi. The axolotl can swim upwards whenever she gets fed.  The axolotl lives in a very nice underwater “coral reef.” She eats from her large bowl, and drinks (obviously) water. Axolotls are awesome, and we have one right here in our own library!