Huge Catch

Brady W.

      When 8-year old Jayden Millauro’s fishing pole started bending, he was on his way to setting a new world record.  It was October 5th, and Jayden Millauro, his father, and crew went out fishing on a huge vessel named “The Undertaker”.  After a few hours passed, Jayden’s pole started to bend. He ran over to it, then the spool started to drag out! Jayden struggled to reel it in, but the catch was fighting back!  As the line reeled in more and more, Jayden could see the monster on the other end of the pole. It was a huge tiger shark! As it got closer to the surface, Jayden’s father took out the huge fishing net, and caught the beast.  The crew measured the shark, and it turned out to be 692 pounds! That is a new world record!                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Jayden Millauro has caught a shark more than 80 times his size!