Welcome Home Spider-Man!

Brendan O.

We all know and love the famous “Web Slinger”, Spider-Man. After all, The new movie “Spider-Man: Far From Home” sold over $1.1 billion worldwide. And then………


“Wait? What do you mean CANCELLED?”

After the Second Spider-Man movie in the M.C.U., Sony and Disney made a deal to take Spider-Man out of the M.C.U. Instead it made MILLIONS of Marvel fans ticked off. For British actor, Tom Holland (Spider-Man), he just flexed on his new car.

It took a long time, but Disney Struck a deal with Sony to add him back one last time to the M.C.U. Marvel fans were so excited to see Spidey back and eager to see the new Spider-Man that’s coming out on July/21/2021. But what will we see in the new Movie?!?

Just a warning, there will be spoilers from “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. If you haven’t seen the movie LEAVE NOW! Thank you.

Now that Spider-Man’s identity is revealed, what will we see in the next movie? Well, we have a theory. Spider-Man is still enemies with Vulture, and Shocker. In “Spider-Man Far From Home” there was a character Dmitri. We also know a villain from the comics, Chameleon, named Dmitri. So that makes three. In the comics, Dmitri’s brother is another villain called Kraven the Hunter. In the credit scene of “Spider-Man; Homecoming” there was a guy in prison named Mac Gargan. The guy had a tattoo of a“Scorpion” on his neck and said he wanted to kill Spider-Man. Alright, that makes five, so we need a leader. And there’s no greater villain than Dr. Octopus.

Now that we know who the villains are, what’s going to happen. We’ll find out in two years.