Global Hoax, or Warming up?

Lorenzo H. and Charles A.

Is Global Warming Real?


Ah… global warming. The debate that has gone on for a while and has gained some concern in the recent years about whether it is real or not. And we’re here to break the news to you, it’s real.

We asked 20 people if global warming was real. According to the data we collected, we saw that 15 people said it was, 1 person said no, 1 person said maybe, and 3 didn’t know. For math lovers, 75% of people said yes, 5% said no, 5% said maybe, and 15% didn’t know.

In case some you don’t know, global warming is the heating up of the Earth’s surface. The way it works is that when a fossil fuel is burned, the hot gases from it are released into the atmosphere. But the Earth’s atmosphere traps the heat, thus heating the globe up.

Affecting the ozone layer (the layer that absorbs the sun’s [ultraviolet] rays), there are actually holes in the ozone layer, leaving those exposed areas to get hot. Every year, we seem to have more blazing, hot summers and bitter, cold winters. However, if we learn to burn less fossil fuels, we can stop this.


Here is an interview with an anonymous interviewee.


Interviewer: Do you think global warming is real?


Interviewee: Yes.


Interviewer: Why do you think this?


Interviewee: The polar ice caps are melting and animals are losing their homes.


Interviewer: Why would you think someone would have the opposite opinion?


Interviewee: Maybe because they don’t care.


Interviewer: About what?


Interviewee: The flooding, ice caps melting and etcetera.


Interviewer: Well thank you for being here!


Interviewee: You’re welcome!