New Year’s ‘Round the World

Alec S.

As New Year’s Day passed recently, I thought it would be a good idea to find and write about New Year’s traditions in other countries.


In the United States, we watch the ball drop in Times Square. But go to another country at that time and what the people do there will be completely different.



In Mexico, people wear different color underwear on New Year’s. It is said that wearing red underwear will bring you love in the new year, wearing yellow underwear will bring you wealth, wearing white underwear will bring you peace, wearing black underwear will bring you dignity, wearing green underwear will bring you good health, and wearing orange underwear will bring you wisdom.



In Nigeria, people visit distant relatives from all over the country. People also buy or sew new clothes to wear in the new year. Some kids even participate in 24 hour long parades!



In India, people dress colorful and participate in games, singing, and dancing. Many people also go to cinemas, resorts, night clubs, restaurants, and amusement parks.



People wear red undergarments in Italy for New Year’s. It is said that red is the color of luck and fertility as well.



Since Brazil is mostly in the southern hemisphere, New Year’s is in the summer, so there are New Year’s beach parties with fireworks! It must be very fun!


So now you know what some other New Year’s traditions are. It’s really interesting to know about these fun (and somewhat weird) traditions.