NFL Football Playoff

Emma B.

Sunday, February 3 is the 2019 Super Bowl. This week, the Colts and Texans played each other with the Colts winning 21 to 7.  In a very close game, the Cowboys beat the Seahawks 24 to 22. The Chargers and Ravens also faced off, and the Chargers won 23 to 17. In the last game of the week, the Eagles and Bears played each other in what in my opinion was the best game of the week, with the Eagles winning in a 16 to 15 game.

The top four teams do not have to play in the first round and are playing in the games this week against the winners of the four games in the previous week. Looking ahead, this week’s game schedule will be:

  1. Colts vs. Chiefs: January 12, 4:35 PM
  2. Cowboys vs.Rams: January 12, 8:15 PM
  3. Chargers vs. Patriots:  January 13, 1:05 PM
  4. Eagles vs. Saints: January 13, 4:40 PM


The winners of the Colts vs. Chiefs and Chargers vs. Patriots games will play each other as well as the winners of the Cowboys vs.  Rams and Eagles vs. Saints game. The winners of those games will play each other in the Super Bowl. Be sure to follow the NFL playoff games!