Christmas Traditions

Evelyn C.

Many people have different traditions for Christmas. Many people don’t celebrate Christmas at all. But no matter what you celebrate, everyone has traditions. Some fun traditions are lighting the menorah or decorating for Christmas. Some people don’t celebrate any holidays and could maybe do something special. What I like to do is to decorate the tree and get everything ready. Then I like to spend time with my family and decorate outside, but my favorite part is when we bake. We usually don’t do it that much but this year we want to create new family traditions. My mom wants us to have a baking time right before Christmas Eve when people come over. Another tradition we might do is have everyone bring pajamas and we can have a Christmas pj party. I’ve never celebrated Hanukkah but I think it’s really cool. I like the tradition they have of lighting the menorah and on the last day the family celebrates.The holiday season is my favorite!Merry Christmas!!! Happy Hanukkah!!!