My Near Death Experience

Charles A.

This weekend, I almost died.

I know, not really something to brag about, it was terrifying (no, I did not cry). On Saturday October 20, I was going over to my friend’s house, and I wanted bring to pretzels to his house so we could eat them. My mom and I went to the Philly Pretzel Factory in Bellmore on Jerusalem Avenue around 3:00 to get him some.

We were about to checkout with our pretzels and that’s when it happened. I heard a crash followed by glass hitting everyone’s backs (it wasn’t painful because we were all wearing our jackets) and the door coming down. I looked outside and there was a car right outside the store with an elderly couple in the front seat in shock.

Within a few minutes, police cars and ambulances surrounded the area. Nobody was hurt, except for a man in the store who got his leg cut from the glass and the elderly couple who were both put in the ambulance. Apparently, the car was parked outside of the store and the couple probably accidentally thought the car was in reverse and hit gas.

If the car crashed through the windows, everyone in the store would have perished.